Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Tour Press & Video!

Me: "This week's issue of The New Yorker calls me a keyboard wizard!"
My Wife: "Yes, but around here, you're just a guy in sweat pants."

That, of course, was followed by a request to clean the cat box. Which was fine with me - I miss all this when I'm away! And away I have been. First there was a three week arena and festival tour of Australia with John Fogerty, followed by a week with the Malone band in PA. MA, and NYC.

This coming Monday, I'll be playing WWOZ Piano Night at House Of Blues in New Orleans. It's been a long-time dream of mine to be a part of this Jazz Fest tradition - this year's show will feature sets by Marcia Ball, the seriously freakin' amazing Henry Butler, NOLA legend Joe Krown, and tons more. The following day I will be live on WWOZ around 3:00 Central (right after Little Anthony!) - if you don't live in NOLA, you can tune in online. Damn, if not for the aforementioned wife and cat box, I think I'd never come back from New Orleans!

Starting mid-May, I return to Australia for my own tour. Some shows with the band, and some sharing the bill with awesome Aussie piano player/singer/raconteur Pugsley Buzzard. All the dates are here

Adelaide Now - I get a nice shout-out in this review of the John Fogerty show in Adeliade, Australia.
The New Yorker - It's just a blurb, but they do, as mentioned before, call me a "keyboard wizard." Not bad for a kid from New Jersey!
"Chinese Algebra" live at Sellersville Theatre. With the New York Malone band - new tune from my upcoming CD.
"Why Not Me" live at Sellersville Theatre. Shot in sexy black and white. WIth Rich Zukor, Ritt Henn, & Tommy Williams.
"Certain Distance" live at Sellersville Theatre. With Bob Malone stompin' on the Mississippi Drum Machine! That's a Peterman Stomp Box Pickup in a cigar box, by the way. 

Remember: you're never too old to rock and roll - it just takes longer to recover. See you out there!