Friday, November 13, 2015

Je Suis Paris

Years ago, my wife Karen Nash and I discovered a wonderful little hotel near the Denfert-Rochereau Metro station in Paris called Villa Montparnasse. Whenever I play Paris, we always stay there. It's well off the beaten tourist track, and that's what we like about it - it's just a typical Paris neighborhood, with life going on as it does. Some of our most romantic memories as a couple center around this neighborhood. Ducking out of the pouring afternoon rain into the local art-house theatre - not even knowing what was on - and ending up seeing a wonderful documentary about flamingoes (flamant!). Dining at the local cafe where the waiter eventually came to know us by name. The accordion store up the street. The butcher around the corner who would stand outside his shop and say "jambon" in a low and ominous voice as we walked by - as if he were offering something illegal. And Paris in all its glory laid out before us as we stood on the tiny hotel balcony. The last time I was there, Karen could not come along, and it made me so sad to be there alone, I got a song out if it. My heart goes out to the people of Paris tonight, and thinking of our special little corner of their city makes me feel even closer to them. Je suis Paris.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I am in New Orleans smoking a cigar on Suzie Jagger Richards porch while the rain comes down. I have been in such constant motion all year that it's only now occurred to me that today I just played my final Mojo Deluxe tour show of the year. I have a couple of private benefit shows with John Fogerty in NYC this coming week, and a theatre gig in Italy MD-ing and piano-ing for Jonny Blu in December. Other than that - I intend to rest, nest, feed the birds in Nash Gardens, celebrate the holidays and my 50th birthday  with Karen Nash, and recharge my badly depleted batteries. I have been running on empty for quite some time now - it's been the busiest year of my life. The "Mojo Live" DVD comes out November 20. Put that bad boy up on your flat-screen and crank up the sound - it's just like being there (without me having to be there)! I want thank all of the great musicians who have worked so hard on the road with me this year, and all of you who came to the shows and bought my stuff and showed so much love and support. Next year, we'll do it all again!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Easily Offended. They're Everywhere.

I long ago gave up expressing even the most benign opinions on Facebook because there are legions of people out there - presumably sitting in front of their device in their underwear, Cheeto dust staining their t-shirt - who are looking for something they can be offended by. I have shit to do, and I don't have time to deal with the chronically offended. However, I have far fewer Twitter followers than Facebook followers, so it is there that I occasionally opine with impunity. So please follow me on Twitter so I can one day reach my goal of not being able to say anything of substance there as well. Thank you.

A Hundred-and-Fuck Degrees

Tonight it's a hundred-and-fuck degrees, the AC is out, the water is running intermittently, and the Internet is dial-up slow. I probably should be angry, but instead I am feeling nostalgic about the late 90s and our old little pad at King's Road Apartments in West Hollywood, where it was always like this, and we didn't care. We had each other, a couple of cats, and a roof over our heads. And love was enough.

Absolute, Quintessential Karen Nash

My good friend Scott Phillips​ (he of the fabulous design that envelopes each of my CDs and records) told me this story about my wife, Karen Nash​:

Years ago, late '90s, I was in a meeting in my office with some clients. We were waiting for someone else to call my office to attend via speaker phone. The phone rang, I answered on speaker. It was Nash. She yelled out "Phillips!" I said hello, told her she was on speaker and I was in a conference with clients. There was a pause. Then she called out "fuck them!"

It's everything you need to know.