Friday, November 13, 2015

Je Suis Paris

Years ago, my wife Karen Nash and I discovered a wonderful little hotel near the Denfert-Rochereau Metro station in Paris called Villa Montparnasse. Whenever I play Paris, we always stay there. It's well off the beaten tourist track, and that's what we like about it - it's just a typical Paris neighborhood, with life going on as it does. Some of our most romantic memories as a couple center around this neighborhood. Ducking out of the pouring afternoon rain into the local art-house theatre - not even knowing what was on - and ending up seeing a wonderful documentary about flamingoes (flamant!). Dining at the local cafe where the waiter eventually came to know us by name. The accordion store up the street. The butcher around the corner who would stand outside his shop and say "jambon" in a low and ominous voice as we walked by - as if he were offering something illegal. And Paris in all its glory laid out before us as we stood on the tiny hotel balcony. The last time I was there, Karen could not come along, and it made me so sad to be there alone, I got a song out if it. My heart goes out to the people of Paris tonight, and thinking of our special little corner of their city makes me feel even closer to them. Je suis Paris.

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