Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hipster Self Parody

I'm not here to mock the hipster nation - it's been done, no need for me to say that which has already been said. Instead, I'll let the self-parody of one of their representatives speak for itself. Whoever penned this is so far up his own ass I fear he has no idea how funny he really is. From this week's New Yorker rock and pop reviews:

"The guitarist Sam Mickens, known for his work with Xiu Xiu, the Parenthetical Girls, and the Dead Science, recently released his solo debut, a collection of stripped-down experimental indie-folk called "Slay & Slake." Opening for him will be the bleak witch-house group White Ring, which should provide an odd counterpoint for Micken's theatrical, idiosyncratic songs."

Dorothy Parker is most assuredly spinning in her grave.

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