Sunday, May 13, 2012

Piano Lessons - A Tribute To Mom

When I first started taking piano lessons, I hated it. I was a restless nine year old kid, impatient with the process of learning music. During that first year, my Mom would sit with me each day for fifteen minutes of practice. Knowing I loved an audience, she'd encourage me with praise while I stumbled grimly through scales and arpeggios. Neither stage mother or musician, she just didn't want me to be a quitter. At some point during this process, I discovered I had talent, and from then on, nothing could tear me from the keyboard. And you all know what happened next.

Mom, I am missing you this Mother's Day. I don't think you ever realized that everything amazing in my life happened because you made sure I didn't quit when that would have been the easiest thing to do. I wish you were here to see where this long road has taken me - you would be proud. 

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